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What Lurks In The Shadows
Where Justice Ends, Vengeance Begins...


This film is a supernatural, love- and horror story...

Our story, inspired by the famous Caribbean myth of La Ciguapa, revolves around a man seeking revenge against his own brother for the murder of his fiancée. However, he must reconsider his purpose when she returns from the dead, driven by a thirst for her own justice.

An ancient Caribbean legend has come back to life: The Ciguapa

The film artfully delves into the intricate social dynamics surrounding gender violence, ottering a thought-provoking commentary on this pervasive societal problem.


What would you do if you had to choose … between your own life or your mother’s?

Trying to escape her life as a drug dealer, Isabel steals the money from her partner, and flees to her home country. Her outstanding debts soon catch up with her, and this time she’ll have to decide between her life or her mother’s.


The film portrays the way of life in a barrio of Santo Domingo. The Latin colorfulness, spontaneity of the characters, the carnival, the Caribbean sun, the smell of sea and the mix of races.

This is the story of a prodigal child that returns looking for forgiveness, being careless about the consequences.

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