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What We Do

Creative Development

As a company, with the help of our creative team, we can develop ideas for films and commercials and guide the client through the  process to achieve their vision.



Our members are qualified to deliver courses in the acting, movement directing and production department. We deliver workshops on a monthly basis for those interested in developing or increasing their knowledge.


Film Production

Our team specialises in the development, pre-production, production and post-production of film projects. 

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For actors looking to improve their portfolio content.


Acting/Movement Directing

Ariana Lebron is an acting coach and movement director that can help the individual actor or dancer to shape a character. We provide theatre or set productions movement directing or coaching to develop in depth characters studies or space efficiency. 


Commercial Production

Clients can expect to have a creative team and production team that can achieve the design of a project that will satisfy the marketing and creative needs of the product. We develop, produce and deliver a creation to the highest standards.

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