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Who We Are


Interzone Productions is a creative production company based in the United Kingdom, specialising in the production management and funding of motion picture projects.

Operating as an international collaborative enables us to leverage on world-class talent at every phase of the production lifecycle. Besides undertaking artistic and commercial projects, we are determined to empower marginalised communities and develop concepts that shine the light on current social topics and other humanitarian stories. Our aim is to use art as a tool to expose social issues and facilitate opportunities for young people to gain experience in the exciting world of filmmaking.


Ariana Lebron

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Producer & Actress 

Ariana is a producer, also responsible for PR and communication strategies, marketing and fundraising. She also works as an actress, movement director and teacher, focusing on creative and educational development. She collaborated with a range of directors, such as Joe Pytka, Fernando Báez, Tim Conrad, Michelle Cervera and Rebekah Fortune.

She also contributed as a movement director in the piece “You will fail her”, sponsored by the Arts Council England under the Theatre Company Immersive Theatre. 


Stephanie Hernandez

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Producer & Scriptwriter

A Dominican-American producer and scriptwriter; involved in directing, and editing short films "9 Years without You" and "Un Pasaje Sin Regreso”.

Stephanie is also a creative producer, who has previously worked for Discovery Channel Latin America, and on commercials for brands such as Moonpig, Unilever, Levi's, Toyota, Lexus, Optrex, Vanish, Unilever, among others.

Jose Gomez de Vargas


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José is a Dominican director and all-round cinematographer, involved in editing, screenplay writing, production and post-production.

Besides his movies "Inframundo", "A ritmo de fe" and "Bajo la Sombra de la Sangre" (best Dominican short on the 8th International Film Festival in Santo Domingo), he also contributed to a large number of TV commercials.

Gergely (Serge) Velki

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VFX Supervisor, Producer

Serge is a senior supervisor expert digital composer with a long history of working in the motion picture and film industry. His work added a twist to a vast amount of large scale feature films and blockbusters, as well as extremely high-budget commercials. His forte is in compositing - using virtually any software currently available on the market, besides 3D modelling, animation, and paint. He's well known in the premium segment of the industry for delivering superior quality footage.

Balint Ludas-Nagy

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Producer & Art Director

Balint Ludas-Nagy comes from a background of business consulting and project management, that enables him to organise the crew in an efficient manner. His contributions to the collective also bring out his creative side, especially when it comes to commercials and creative concepts.

His involvement in photography gives him a good understanding of picture composition and lighting, besides post-production software, and various shooting techniques.

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